couples photoshoot
Couples Photoshoots

A must-see for couples photoshoots: Take the most beautiful photos!


Couples taking a couple photoshoot is to record the beautiful moments of the moment. The photo does not need to be high-end, just plain and simple, so that it can reflect the daily love. In order to freeze this happy moment, let me introduce to you what to prepare for a couple photoshoot? What issues should you pay attention to when shooting?

couples photoshoot

What should I prepare before taking a couple photoshoot?

We mentioned the preparations for boys and girls when we shared the engagement photoshoot before. The preparations for this couples photoshoot are similar to the engagement photos. Women need to prepare a strapless bra and shave their armpits the day before the photoshoot. You can bring some clothing such as couple jeans and high heels for the photographer to choose from. It is best not to use conditioner when taking a shower the day before the photo shoot, and do not put on makeup by yourself in the morning. Have breakfast on the day of shooting to replenish calories and maintain a good mental state.

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Adjustment of work and rest time. We usually arrange to put on makeup from 7 to 8 o’clock, and go to bed early the day before the photo shoot to ensure a good sleep, so that we can gather enough energy for the next day’s photo shoot.

couples photoshoot

What should you pay attention to when taking a couple photoshoot?

Learn to pose

Unlike dignified wedding photos, couples photoshoots mainly record your appearance in life, and the style and movements are more casual and diverse. However, many lovers who want to take couples photoshoots don’t know how to pose. Therefore, lovers must learn how to pose before taking couple photos. You can check some shooting tutorials online, or you can ask your photographer for advice. Practicing it in advance may help you act more casually and naturally in front of the camera.

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Choose the season and scenery

Generally speaking, the best seasons for taking couple portraits are spring and autumn, because the scenery in these two seasons is just right and the climate is more comfortable.

couples photoshoot

Bring a few pieces of your own clothes

Taking couples photoshoots does not need to be as formal as taking wedding photos, so lovers can also bring a few pieces of their own clothes to the photoshoot.

Pay attention to your daily routine and diet

The night before taking pictures, couples must have adequate rest and do not stay up late, otherwise dark circles will appear the next day, which will greatly affect the presentation of the photos. Don’t drink too much water to avoid edema when you wake up the next morning, which cannot be covered up by cosmetics.

Select photos

When selecting photos, pay attention to whether the expression makes people look the most comfortable and natural, and whether the composition of the picture is to your liking.

couples photoshoot

Things to note when taking couple photoshoots

It is very important to insist on long-term skin care and maintenance. If you usually neglect skin care, do some skin care one month before taking pictures to take care of your skin. It is recommended to make some beauty masks, especially the night before taking pictures. Let the second The next day, your skin will be in good condition to complete the shooting. Please drink less water the night before to avoid swollen eyes, and ensure adequate sleep to avoid red bloodshot eyes.

Hair can be trimmed, dyed, permed, etc. about 10 to 15 days before the shoot. Please ask girls to remove armpit hair, hand hair, and groom nails, and boys to clean up: shave, trim nose hair, and nails, so that you can move without worries during the shooting. Please wash your hair the night before or in the morning of the shooting. Do not tie your hair and do not apply any hairspray or styling agent to avoid affecting the styling and hair style.

couple photo

On the day of taking photos, you only need to apply your usual skin care products and isolation cream. Do not apply makeup at home to avoid causing trouble to the makeup artist. If you have sensitive skin, you can bring your own foundation to the makeup artist to see if it can be used to reduce allergies. Chance.

If you need to take photos without glasses, you should consider trying them on and equipping with contact lenses 2 weeks in advance. If a woman wants to take photos that make her eyes look brighter and brighter, it is recommended that she get a black eyeball enlargement according to her actual situation. The contact lenses work well. Before applying makeup, tell the makeup artist your ideas and then listen to her professional advice. Communication is crucial.

couple photo

Tips for taking couple photoshoots

Site selection

For ordinary people without much experience, it is best to choose a place where there are not many people to take a couple photoshoot, avoiding the attention of passers-by. This can make couples more relaxed and less likely to be shy. You can choose a place with a large park. The natural scenery is very beautiful and there are not too many tourists.

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Among the colors of clothing for couples photoshoots, white is the least likely to go wrong. The simplest clothing is more tolerant and can adapt to more scenery and locations, and it is easier to adjust the color later. The effect is beautiful after being photographed, especially the white clothes that look slightly translucent under the golden sunset. . Moreover, in the sun, white clothes will also form light and shadow. If you change them to other colors, there may not be such an effect.

couple photo


Before taking the couples photoshoot, you can prepare a bouquet of flowers and two white balloons as props. It will not be awkward when shooting, you can interact with the subject, the photographer can seize the time to capture the photo, and the photo will be more natural.


“Love” is the ability of human beings and their instinctive desires. Maybe we can’t tell what “love” is, but our bodies are better at expressing it than our minds. So when taking couple photoshoots, just relax, love is naturally the most beautiful!

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