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Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos!


Engagement is a very important dividing point for lovers. Engagement means that you can finally belong to me, and we can spend a lifetime together with the blessings of family and friends. There may be few times in your life that such an important moment is so heart-warming. Shouldn’t you leave a photo worth remembering on such an occasion? Engagement photos have become an important moment for couples. More thoughtful couples will invite professional photographers when proposing, just to capture the emotion that cannot be copied.

But unfortunately, the most important thing about engagement photos is to reflect the mood and situation at that time. Most couples are not very good at completing engagement photos. Today I will talk to you about western engagement photos and share some western engagement photo ideas.

western engagement photos

Where to take engagement photos?

First of all, western engagement photos are indeed a tangled issue. Some people will choose to shoot in a very grand place or in a studio, but the investment is too high, and it is too simple and too casual. Therefore, in recent years, it has become very popular to shoot in natural environments, that is, real-life shooting, such as taking western engagement photos on beaches, forests, deserts, etc. In short, shooting locations are becoming more and more diverse and can be freely chosen. Below I recommend some places that are more memorable and cost-effective.

western engagement photos

Suitable photo location

Your favorite place

If there is a place you both love, then why not hesitate to document your engagement there? There might be a restaurant there, or there might be a park that everyone likes. This option is usually relatively low cost, but it should be noted that you should ask in advance whether the shooting location is for-profit and whether an advance reservation is required.

Travel destination

Imagine that you and your partner travel together for the first time after confirming that you want to get married. Of course, this trip is extremely exciting, and even if you are traveling abroad, hiring a local photographer is not expensive or troublesome. It can not only commemorate the trip It was a great time and I took some beautiful photos of western engagement.

western engagement photos

Place for first date

Do you still remember your first time? If nothing else, most people’s first dates are not ideal. Either one of them is extremely embarrassed, or one of them is extremely nervous. But what can be more meaningful than this? If it is a love that started on campus, it will really bring back a lot of memories, and the emotional score will definitely be overwhelming.

Or you can choose a very memorable place, such as the place where you expressed your love, the place where you proposed, etc. The western engagement photos taken in this way are definitely the most memorable.

Western engagement photos ideas

Roller coaster

How many people’s first date is a roller coaster ride at an amusement park? Roller coaster is a very beautiful existence in love. It is said that if a couple rides a roller coaster and kiss when it reaches the highest point, they will be together for a long time. You can use the structure of the roller coaster to match the composition of western engagement photos.

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Road trip

road trip. A quick trip is something that many people dream of. A car, a dog, you and me, a full sense of freedom. Marriage does not necessarily mean bondage, it can also be the freedom for two people to go to each other! are great western engagement photo ideas.

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Funny motorcycle

Framing western engagement photos with cars is really popular. You can choose an off-road vehicle. The advantage of an off-road vehicle is that it has a larger space, and couples can take photos freely. They can stand on the roof of the vehicle, or the girl can lie on the window and stick her head outside, and the boy can kiss the girl outside the car. You can also take funny photos like the one in this picture, both are very good!

western engagement photos

Ordinary life

There are little sweet things that can be seen everywhere in the ordinary life, playing and having fun in the bar, and there is a tacit understanding between the two of them at home. I am really happy to be with you for a long time. I am very happy to have your love in my ordinary life.

Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos!插图6

Path of life

Two people walking hand in hand, symbolizing the long bridge of life, may be scared at first. Although there are shakings along the way, when I see you walking in front of me, I am not afraid of any difficulties. The road of life is so long, if you hold my hand, I am willing to walk slowly with you

Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos!插图7

Climb mountains together

The most romantic thing I can think of is to go on a mountain climbing adventure with you. We walked together from early morning to the starry sky. Even if the road was rough, you still held my hands tightly. Even if the road ahead was long, you still smiled and encouraged me. At that moment, I seemed to see us 50 years later, and I believe you will still be supporting me by then.

Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos!插图8

Love in an old store

I have always felt that bookstores and record stores are very romantic places. I always feel that time passes slower there than outside. Before I met you, I often wondered if we would meet in a record store one day. It happened that a romantic love song was playing in the store. At first, they were each choosing products, but when they looked up and saw each other, they felt that they were destined.

Maybe we will open a record store in the future, and we will often play the love songs we heard when we met at that time. We live a slower life than outside. You always hold me gently and slowly follow the melody of the music. dancing our own waltz.

Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos!插图9


Love is always beautiful. When taking western engagement photos, we also hope to commemorate the most beautiful love. In the next issue, we will also share more tips on taking western engagement photos. I hope you are all happy and happy. See you in the next issue~

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