Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos! (3)

Guide to the most beautiful poses for western engagement photos! (3)缩略图


In the previous two issues, I shared with you some locations and poses for taking western engagement photos. But for western engagement photos, makeup is equally important. When shooting western engagement photos, we have to face many special circumstances. We can’t just rely on the photography team. We must also be prepared to take perfect photos. Let’s take a closer look below!

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Preparation for western engagement photos

Hair dyeing and hair cutting

Anyone who has ever permed or dyed their hair knows that freshly dyed hair will look a bit stiff and lacks a harmonious temperament. Therefore, if we want to show a new hair color in western engagement photos, it is best to go to the barber shop to dye our hair about a month in advance. There are also photos of people who have dyed their hair before, and then the new black hair that grows back is very contrasting with the dyed part. They either cut off the colored part or perm and dye it again. The color contrast between the root and the tip of the hair is sharp. It just doesn’t look very good.

Similarly, before taking western engagement photos for boys, it is best to have their hair cut about two weeks in advance. After your hair grows for a period of time, it will look more natural and energetic when taking wedding photos. Hair of a certain length is also convenient for stylists to organize.

western engagement photos

Communication styling

If you choose a professional team to shoot western engagement photos, you must communicate with the photographer and makeup artist in advance to determine the most appropriate styling plan. When choosing, you can check out some of their past works, combine them with their expertise in photography and modeling, and choose the one you like best. I would like to remind everyone that you must not be too troublesome or afraid of trouble western engagement photos are memories that last a lifetime. We can delve into every detail and clearly put forward our preferences and unacceptable points.

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Item preparation

The shooting of western engagement photos does not completely rely on photography agencies. We also have to prepare a lot of things ourselves. Only by being prepared can you get beautiful photos. If a woman chooses to wear a dress, she should prepare bra stickers and light-colored underwear in advance. Nowadays, many dresses are tube top style, and bra stickers are a must-have. Although some photo studios will also provide it, it is better for us to prepare such a private thing ourselves.

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A little excitement before shooting started

  • The day of shooting is very hard, so go to bed early the night before and don’t get too excited. It’s good for your body and your skin. But before going to bed, you can practice smiling in front of the mirror. (Check whether it’s better to show your teeth? Or not show them? If so, which ones are most beautiful?)
  • It is best to practice POSS in front of the mirror by comparing it with fashion magazines before taking pictures, which will bring convenience to you and the photographer.
  • Do not drink water three hours before going to bed to avoid edema of the face and eyes. Swollen eyes are difficult to correct with makeup and post-processing!
  • If the bride wears glasses, it is best to choose contact lenses on the day of the photo shoot.

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Sharing of western engagement photos ideas

Love sunset

Remember in the last article, we shared a western engagement photo taken in the canyon. This one is similar to that one. This one was taken on a hillside, and everything is empty. The environment was chosen particularly well. The time was chosen in the evening, and the sunset is really beautiful. The whole sky is the color of love. This set of engagement photos should be the most beautiful among natural western engagement photos. They are very high-end and have a special control of the structure good.

western engagement photos ideas

Romance in the rain

In fact, when taking western engagement photos, you also need to make use of natural weather. For example, the engagement photo above happened to coincide with a particularly beautiful sunset. It rained on the day when we took western engagement photos. Don’t be depressed, rain is also a good shooting element. When it rains, the colors of all outdoor scenery will become deeper than usual, and the air will become purer. Taking pictures is like turning on a filter. Holding an umbrella with your beloved on a rainy day, the two of them smiling happily, symbolizes that our lives will be together through thick and thin in the future.

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Welcome the dawn

We mentioned above that there are some requirements for girls’ makeup when taking western engagement photos, but these requirements are not specific to every style of engagement photos. In an engagement photo of this style, two people are running hand in hand in the wilderness, with the birth sun behind them. Obviously, what he wants to pursue is this feeling of natural freedom and this kind of environment, so he has designed There is no requirement, and the photo was taken very well, and the entire lighting was adjusted very well.

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Spend the rest of their lives together

If you hold an engagement ceremony with your lover, you don’t actually need to find some specific good scenery to take pictures. The most important thing is that you are in love. During the engagement ceremony, you can also take memorable western engagement photos by holding your beloved and your little pet, hugging and kissing happily.

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Natural western engagement photos ideas

Style 1

The last thing I want to share with you is natural western engagement photos, because they are really popular, and more and more couples will choose to take such western engagement photos. The first picture is under the waterfall, which is really beautiful. We generally think of water as soft, but waterfalls always give people a powerful feeling. Taking photos under the waterfall will make people feel that your love is strong, powerful and eye-catching. Your happiness is known to the world. I really like this western engagement photos. But don’t choose if you can’t swim. Safety comes first.

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Style 2

The couple hugged each other in the sea, and the waves washed over them. But it can’t match the passion of their love. The sea breeze ruffled their hair and their clothes. No one in this world can affect their love anymore. The power of nature is truly amazing. I think the combination of engagement photos and nature will make people feel that this kind of love is indelible.

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It is not easy to meet the people you meet among millions of people. In the endless river of time, there is neither a step too early nor a step too late, we just happen to catch up. The moon will not run to you, but I will, the kind that travels thousands of miles away.

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