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The most frequently asked questions by boys in the couple questions game: perfect answers!


Previously, we shared a collection of questions from the couple questions game, and also shared how boys can answer the most frequently asked questions by girls in the couple questions game with high emotional intelligence. In fact, some of the boys’ questions in the couple questions game also imply a second level of thinking. So how do girls understand the boys’ meaning in the couple questions game and answer them with high emotional intelligence? Let’s take a look below!

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romantic questions for couples

Frequent questions for boys in the couple questions game

Men and women in love always have endless topics to talk about. Whether it is in the early stages of ambiguity or during the period of passionate love, there are always some topics that men and women cannot avoid and cannot get around. If you want to answer these topics well, warm up the relationship between two people, and increase the happiness value, a lot of little thoughts and tricks are indispensable.

A woman who can make a man’s heart flutter is reserved, smart, shy and proactive at the same time. When falling in love, it is very important for a woman to know how to capture a man’s heart. Therefore, how to better answer men’s couple questions game questions is very important, but in fact, this is also a problem for many girls.

Today, I will teach you clever answers to the four most frequently asked questions with high emotional intelligence.

romantic questions for couples

High Frequency Question 1

Do you like me/miss me?

I believe that many girls will be asked this question by men. When the relationship between two people is in an ambiguous stage, they have just gone home from a date, or they are in the early stages of dating and the other party wants to confirm your feelings, this question will come up. I am often asked about export.

Let’s take a look first. Faced with this question, most people’s answers are: “I want to” and “I like it”. So at this time, the topic stopped abruptly, and there was suddenly nothing to say. So how do girls respond? How can we maintain an ambiguous atmosphere with a man without being too sensual and exposing too much neediness?

romantic questions for couples

Reply like this!

So the correct answer should be – talk about the details.

When he raises such a question, we pay close attention to the details and explain the issue in more detail, the better.

For example, if a man asks you: “Did you miss me?”, you can say: “Yes, I was thinking about whether the place you said you wanted to take me to next time would be more fun!”.

When a man asks “Do you like me?”, you can say: “Yes, I like you to take me to eat delicious food, I like you to send me home, I like you, and there is always something fun to do, so I will call you.” I.”

This kind of answer does not directly answer whether you want or like this person, but it seems to answer his question. The key is that you can continue chatting along the lines of this question and continue playing the couple questions game without looking awkward.

couple questions game

High Frequency Question 2

Should I support you?

When many men are in love, in order to show their protectiveness and affection for girls, they will say such a “confession” language.

So how should we respond when faced with such a confession?

Reply like this!

The answer is: “I will feed you” – “Really? But I eat more. It may be expensive to feed me, but I will try my best to eat less!”

Believe me, such an answer will definitely result in hugs and passionate kisses.

couple questions game

High Frequency Question 3

I like you

During the ambiguous time, in the couple questions game, many girls will be confused when they receive a sudden confession from a man and don’t know how to respond. Some directly answered with “Oh”, while others said “Okay”. One even responded, “Thank you.”

Reply like this!

The correct answer should be: “Huh? Are you confessing your love?” After getting the man’s affirmative answer, you continue: “Then I will take it seriously, and you can’t go back on it.”

Or they may deliberately play tricks and pretend not to hear clearly: “What? What did you say? Louder, I didn’t hear clearly.” Wait for the other party to repeat it and then say, “Well, well, say it a few more times, I like to hear it.” This sentence”.

Believe me, answering like this in a couple questions game will definitely make the atmosphere lively and relaxed. It not only expresses your attitude towards him, but will not make the atmosphere particularly tense and heavy, making people confused.

The most frequently asked questions by boys in the couple questions game: perfect answers!插图5

High Frequency Question 4

If… would you…?

I don’t know if you have heard of the “I Have a Friend” series. When a person wants to say something that he is embarrassed to say, he always likes to start with the pattern of “I Have a Friend.” Similarly, when men want to ask a question that is difficult for them to ask, they usually ask it in a sentence pattern such as “If…you would…”.

For example:

  • What if you were my friend and your boyfriend cheated on you?
  • What do you think if we get married and let my mom live with us?
  • If you were with your boyfriend, would you accept AA?
  • If you didn’t have a house, would you agree to a man’s proposal?

Although these questions did not happen, the moment he asked them from the man’s mouth, it was clear that it was likely to happen.

bonding questions for couples

In other words, these hypothetical issues are what will happen in the future and are his plans. He himself doesn’t think it’s very reasonable, so he first asks you in a hypothetical tone. If you react violently, he can also say: “It’s just asking, don’t get too excited.” So many questions in the couple questions game are there’s something profound about it!

Reply like this!

How to answer this kind of question? My suggestion is to smile and ask him first: “Why do you ask that? Could it be that you also want to cheat like your friend?” He will definitely answer: “No, no, just asking. Ask.” You can then say: “Yes, I don’t think you look like this kind of person.”

The most frequently asked questions by boys in the couple questions game: perfect answers!插图7

This kind of reply not only expresses your position and sends a side warning to the other party, but it is not too tough and tears the other party’s face. It is a couple questions game anyway. Speaking is a subtle art. What you say will represent the kind of relationship you will create.

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