The winning formula for the couple questions game: I’m here to save you!

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In the previous article about the couple questions game, we shared the game questions. I don’t know how many people are confused by the game questions, especially the boyfriends~ Some questions don’t know how to answer at all, and the girlfriend answered that she didn’t know the answer. If you are satisfied and angry, if you don’t answer, you will be even more angry! Today, I am here to save you!

Our topic today is how to perfectly answer your girlfriend’s questions in the couple questions game and avoid risks to the greatest extent! After reading today’s episode, you will know why your wife always yells at you, because you don’t understand the art of speaking!

A must-play game for couples: couple questions game!

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couple questions game

Key question types and reference answers of couple questions game

As a man, you may not be handsome or have money, but you must be able to talk, especially when you are getting along with your girlfriend. If you can make a girl happy, how can she not like you? Below we have compiled 10 couple questions game questions that girlfriends often ask their boyfriends. Facing these questions, we will teach you to answer them with high emotional intelligence and conquer her! Of course, these question types are suitable for all couples, including married couples and other couples!

Do you love me or not?

As for the word “love”, I think it is a word that appears very frequently in love. It is also the most frequently used word in the couple questions game. When a girl asks this question, it may be that you have done something that your girlfriend doesn’t like, which is a sign of a lack of security.

couple questions game

She wants to use this question to discern your sincerity and your affirmative reply. If you just reply “love”, your girlfriend will feel perfunctory, and if you don’t answer, the girl will feel that you don’t care about her. When facing this question, the answer a girl actually wants is for you to tell her proof that you love her.

High emotional intelligence reply

“I can kiss you to death, you tell me whether I love you or not”

Use an ambiguous word to reply to a girl, first stabilize the girl’s mood, then hug her girlfriend, talk about some sweet past with her, and then go out to have a meal with her, and your girlfriend will naturally become Happy.

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Which of my selfies looks better?

I think many boys have encountered it. A girl sends you several selfies of hers and asks you which one looks better. If you say the first one looks good, will the girl say the others don’t look good? If you say everything looks good, girls will think you are perfunctory. So how should you respond to this kind of couple questions game?

In fact, when a girl asks you this question, besides really wanting an answer, she is more likely to be coquettish or flirting with you.

High emotional intelligence reply

“One to keep in mind and one to put on my pillow. When I fall asleep, I dream of you, and when I wake up, it’s you too.”

“Can I save your photos secretly? I think every one of your photos is beautiful and heart-warming.”

“The second picture is really beautiful. Don’t show it to others. I have collected it.”

Boys should not follow overly rational principles when answering girls’ questions. When a girl invites a couple questions game, you must pay attention to the core when answering: you value the girl, care about her thoughts, and are not perfunctory.

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Do you like me?

Generally, under normal circumstances, girls will not ask such questions casually. Obviously, she is deliberately trying to test your attitude. When faced with such a reply from a girl, you just confess directly and say, “Yes, I have liked you for a long time.” In the end, all you get is a “good guy card”; if If you are lucky, you may hear a girl say “I’ll think about it” and then become a backup. To do so is to directly put yourself in a passive posture, and to waste all the hard-earned attraction.

High emotional intelligence reply

“You ask, do you like me?”,

“What are you doing? Do you want to chase me?”

“I didn’t say I like you, but I didn’t say I didn’t like you either.”

The answer here is to throw the question back to the girl. In fact, a girl asking you this is a kind of test. If you want to attract her, you must dare to flirt with the girl.

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You say, what do I need you for?

Many times we see that some girls feel dissatisfied and angry because boys do not meet girls’ standards in some external conditions or other aspects.

In fact, when girls ask this couple question, there is a situation where boys have not made changes in themselves for a period of time, so girls have not improved their own value, so girls cannot see the future, creating a sense of gap.

Because girls first look at a man’s survival value, and then look at the reproduction value. To put it bluntly, survival value means whether you can give me a good life in terms of material. This is not love of money, but the most basic survival.

High emotional intelligence reply

“I will carry you a bag, pinch your feet, cook for you, laugh with you when you are happy, and comfort you when you are sad.”

“If you laugh, I will tell you.”

In fact, if a girl says this to you because of your lack of effort, then no matter how you reply to the girl, it is better to make changes yourself. This is the best reply to the girl and the real meaning of the couple questions game.

romantic questions for couples

What do you think about me?

If this question appears in the couple questions game, it is obvious that the girl wants you to praise her by asking this question. In fact, it is also to identify your attitude towards her. Of course, it may also be a test for you. When replying to a girl, if you say:

“You are very gentle and beautiful, a lovely girl, like a fairy”

“I think you are the most beautiful and gentle among the girls I know.”

Such an honest answer is too boring. You must know that a girl will ask you such a question, not really to let you evaluate her as a person, but for a reason:

1. Having been hit elsewhere, come to seek comfort.

2. I want to see where she stands in your heart and decide whether she wants to have in-depth development with you (key points)

romantic questions for couples

High emotional intelligence reply

“Tell me, does anyone dislike you? You are not bad looking and have such a good personality. How could a person with no eyesight dislike you?”

This kind of emotional rhetorical question is equivalent to providing her with basic emotional value. Although there is no real evaluation, she already knows that we feel good about her.

“I remember we met for the first time in xxx. At that time, you said you liked ice cream. After I bought it for you, you said thank you and handed it to me and asked me if I wanted to eat it. Your kindness, gentleness and cuteness, I always remember it.”

When this kind of problem occurs in the couple questions game, the girl is testing her position in your heart. You can add some details when replying, speak with facts, praise her, and get closer to her.

romantic questions for couples

Have you learned it? There are many tricks in the couple questions game. Do you want to continue watching? See you in the next issue~ There will be sure-fire questions from the couple questions game in the next issue!

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