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The winning formula for the couple questions game: I’m here to save you!(2)


In the last article, we talked about 5 soul-tortures that girls often ask in couple questions games, and gave answers with high emotional intelligence! In this issue, we continue to explore the secret to winning the couple questions game. As the saying goes, if your wife is happy, the world will be peaceful.

Couple questions game real question predictions

Compared with me and A, who is more beautiful?

When a girl asks you this question, many boys will think that the girl just wants to praise her for her beauty. But if you reply to the girl like this:

“Are you talking about A? She can’t be compared with you, no comparison.”

But girls don’t think like you think. Maybe they think like this:

“Well, this guy is pretty good, and he knows how to praise me. Wait, so he is quite concerned about A?”

romantic questions for couples

High emotional intelligence reply

“How can I remember what they look like?”

When encountering this type of problem, the best way to deal with it is to bypass the question she asked.

Do you think I should go for a run (fitness)?

If a girl asks you this question, it must be because her weight has increased slightly recently or someone said she would look better if she lost weight. The girl is asking for your opinion and hopes that you can praise her.

When we encounter this kind of question in the couple questions game, we obviously cannot answer “you can try it”. Doesn’t this mean “you fat guy should lose weight”.

fun couple questions game

High emotional intelligence reply

“Baby, you are so good-looking. If you don’t get a little fatter, I’m afraid other boys will fall in love with you.”

How many times have you been in love?

I believe this is the question that many boys are most afraid of in the couple questions game, and it is nothing more than asking the girl they are pursuing, how many times have they been in love?

If you answer honestly and say you have been in love many times, then girls must be wary of you. It must be very difficult to pursue this. If I say anything less, I will be sorry for my sincere conscience.

fun couple questions game

High emotional intelligence reply

“Wait for me to count first (count to myself after counting ten fingers and ten toes, and then say to her) Can you lend me your hand to count?”

“I can’t remember how many there were before, but I’m sure you will be the only one in the future.”

“We talked about two or three times in total. At that time, I didn’t know much about love. But after I met you, I realized what love is.”

To answer the couple questions game question, the most important thing is to determine the purpose of the woman’s question and prescribe the right remedy.

Do you love me or like me?

This question is a deeper question in the couple questions game. If the relationship between you and a girl has not reached the stage of falling in love, then replying to a girl by saying “love” can easily make the girl feel that it is false, but if you say: “like” It will also make the girl feel that you don’t love her. Sometimes girls are such contradictory people.

bonding questions for couples

High emotional intelligence reply

“I’m so glad you can ask me this question. I have been asking myself whether I love you or like you. I think I will spend my whole life answering you.”

Since you don’t know how to reply to a girl, you might as well tell her with practical actions that I believe you love this girl and she will definitely feel it.

What is your relationship with that woman?

In the process of getting along with a girl, if the girl cares about your contact with other girls, then the girl must have developed a crush on you and cares about his relationship with other members of the opposite sex, and her vigilance will also become higher. Therefore, when a girl mentions this problem in the couple questions game, it shows that she does not feel safe.

bonding questions for couples

High emotional intelligence reply

“If you want to be my girlfriend, I’ll tell you.”

“Oh, why do you care so much about me? Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Throw the problem back to the girl, stimulate the girl’s emotions, hide your needs and at the same time use the method of teasing the girl to get closer to her.

The ultimate question of couple questions game!

Why are you so nice to me

If a girl asks you “Why are you so nice to me?” how should you answer? I think many boys must have asked you this question as long as they have had girlfriends. This is a question that almost every girl will ask. Some boys will be overwhelmed by the question, leading to hesitation and confusion on the spot.

When she asks this question in the couple questions game, on the one hand, what she wants to get is your recognition of her, which is very important. She wants to know why you are good to her, because of what is good about her, and because of what attracts you to her. On the other hand, she wants to know your attitude. Girls are also afraid that the boy they like is the kind of warm-hearted guy who treats everyone the same, just like the public lovers.

Couple questions game for couples

High emotional intelligence reply 1

After talking about girls, let’s analyze boys. If you encounter a girl asking you such a question in a couple questions game, then you can decide how you want to answer the other party based on the situation of the two people getting along. For example, You feel that the two people are not very close yet, but still have a certain distance or are relatively ordinary friends. Although you really want to pursue her, then you don’t have to answer this question very seriously at this time. You can just adopt a more humorous and playful approach. Answer, this will make girls feel better.

For example, you can answer: Guess, guess what is so good about you that makes me treat you so well? You can also say this: I think the two of us are quite destined. The first time I chatted with you, I felt that you were a very good person and we felt like old friends at first sight. What this answer does is lighten the mood.

Couple questions game for couples

High emotional intelligence reply 2

If you two get along very well, but you are not sure about the girl’s thoughts, you can use a milder answer, such as: I don’t know why, but I think you are pretty good. Or you can say this: You are a silly little girl who needs someone to take care of you. I unconsciously want to care about you and take care of you.

You can use these words to guide the girl in the couple questions game, let the girl think about something, and then you can see her reaction. If she also gives you some positive feedback, then you can do some other problem.

High emotional intelligence reply 3

There is also a third situation where you find that she also likes you very much, just because you did not make it clear, and she is too embarrassed to say it as a girl, you can say very straightforwardly: because I like you very much, so I am willing to be nice to you. You can also say: Because I like you very much, but I don’t know what you think, so I can only be nice to you silently. I’m afraid that if you think differently from me, then we may not even be friends. It can’t be done, I don’t want this result. This kind of answer will also make girls feel good.

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But the last situation only applies to situations where the girl has been very secretive or knows through others that the girl likes you. That is to say, it is because she is shy and other reasons and does not dare to confess to you. Because girls are not good at confessing, so through the couple questions game ask you. In this case, it would be bad if a boy goes around, because when a girl likes a boy, what she needs more is a very clear attitude from a boy towards her.

If the boy is hesitant about this issue and goes around and around, then she will feel that this boy has no courage, or that his attitude is very ambiguous. Is this the same for many girls? She will wonder if this boy doesn’t like him. I, or you just want to play with me, so in this case, it is better for you to reply boldly.

couple questions game

The above is the sharing of all the key question types and high EQ responses in the couple questions game. In fact, this kind of sharing is just to hope that everyone can be treated sincerely in love. I hope that everyone can communicate well through the couple questions game and the relationship will heat up!

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