A must-play game for couples: couple questions game!

couple questions game


We have shared more than 50 couple questions game questions before. How can more than 50 questions be enough for such an interesting game? This time I have prepared nearly 80 couple questions game questions. See if there are any questions you want to ask your partner. , go play the couple questions game!

couple questions game

Elementary challenge of couple questions game

What is going on in the brain when we first meet?

What is your dream first date like?

Use any small animal to describe me

What’s the thing that impressed you the most?

What do you think is perfect love?

Are you someone who loses his temper easily?

What qualities do you think a partner should have?

Is there anything new about our love?

What’s the first thing you do when you suddenly become rich?

What age do you think is the best age to get married?

Are you afraid of being forced into marriage?

What do you most want to do if you can go back to the past?

The most touching thing recently

Why did you feel aggrieved last time?

Do you think talking in a quarrel is the most hurtful thing?

Would you accept someone because you are moved?

Do you think it is more important to love you or to love her?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

Will you change my bad habits for me?

Use one sentence to describe our way of getting along?

couple questions game

Intermediate challenge for couple questions game

The thing I regret most recently

The most unbearable thing is verbal violence and cold violence.

Do you consider yourself a straight man/woman?

Which nickname do you like for me?

The inner fluctuations when I kissed for the first time

What do you want us to be like when we get old?

What do you think is mutual loyalty?

The most important thing in love

Do you believe in love at first sight or love that lasts over time?

Do you think two people in love will become more and more similar?

What moment made you decide it was me?

What do you like most about me?

The thing that makes me most proud of

How would you prioritize family, love and career?

Do you think girls should be housewives at home?

How many points would you give yourself out of 100?

The place I most want to visit

Your definition of vexatious

Will you give up your principles for some reason?

What would make you happy throughout the day?

couple questions game

Advanced challenges of couple questions game

Have you ever imagined meeting your parents?

Have you made a plan for the future?

What do you think is a good concept of love?

What do you do when you’re feeling particularly depressed?

Are you used to confiding your concerns to others?

What do you think of the sense of ritual in love?

Do you think I have given you a sense of security?

Do you pay special attention to past experiences?

What’s the question you most want to ask me?

Do you consider yourself a detail person?

Do you like me to be clingy or not?

What are your views on cheating in relationships?

I have experienced something that I feel I love the most

The most surprising gift you have ever received

What you ideally look like after 30 years old

What would you do if we were in a long-distance relationship?

What do you think about white lies?

Do you like to be more active or passive?

What is the most important thing about getting along with friends?

Your favorite childhood snack

What do you think is the biggest change in you since we got together?

How do you vent your emotions when you’re stressed?

What do you think are the rights and obligations of both parties in a relationship?

What are your thoughts on official announcements after dating?

Do you feel there is a conflict between trust and privacy?

Do I know your first love?

Are you satisfied with me?

Have you ever thought about breaking up?

What’s your worst date? !

couple questions game

The ultimate challenge of couple questions game

Do you believe that our relationship is very stable?

How do you see our future?

If I asked you what your favorite thing about us is, what would it be?

How can we better communicate among us?:%.*

How do you think we should solve different opinions when they occur in our family?

Is there anything that I will do with you as a hobby, for example?

Are there any wishes or dreams that you would want me to fulfill together with you?

What would be the main aspect of our bonding?

If you were asked about the aspect of our relationship that needs trust and respect the most, what would be your answer?

How do you expect that our relationship will be in bed?

What are your opinions about our respective families and friends?

What do you suggest in terms of financial questions?

Anything you can say about me but have never said before, is there something else to add?

What do you want me to do in order to contribute to your professional development or personal growth?

What do you feel has gone wrong within our relationship?

Now, how often should we have deep conversations?

In my opinion, what do you think should we accomplish with our lives?

Are there any of your concerns and fears that you want me to assist you on?

What is your opinion about how should we deal with one another’s insecurities and jealousies?

Do you require anything special from my end or otherwise?

What is your suggestion on managing disagreements or arguments?

Any suggestions or ideas about how we should live?

couple questions game


This big wave of questions is coming. Guess whether the next couple questions game will be very exciting and exciting? In fact, the purpose of the couple questions game is to increase communication between couples. If you often hide your emotions in your relationship, but can’t find a suitable opportunity to express them, you might as well use the couple questions game to help communicate with your lover. Of course, fellow men, don’t be afraid if you are asked by your girlfriend. I will come to rescue you in the next article. Come on~

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