The secret to true love: couple bracelets!

couple bracelets

What is the meaning of couple bracelets?

Bracelet is a kind of jewelry. The chain worn on the wrist is mostly made of metal, especially copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The bracelet is in the shape of a chain, and its main purpose is to pray for peace, calm the mind and look beautiful.

Bracelets are not only for beauty and decoration. Wearing and giving bracelets have certain meanings. The bracelet itself means cherishing love, and it is also an expression of love! And it is said that the meaning of the bracelet is that we have a beautiful agreement.

couple bracelet

What you need to know when giving a bracelet

Boy gives a girl  bracelet

The meaning of the bracelet is to protect his lover. If a boy likes a girl, he is likely to buy a bracelet to express his feelings. If a boyfriend gives a girl a bracelet, it represents a silent confession, indicating that he hopes to stay with you for the rest of his life. The bracelets given by boyfriends to girlfriends may also be couple bracelets, representing their commitment to each other. However, it may not be entirely because of love. Ordinary friends can also give bracelets to each other to express the firm friendship between two people.

couple bracelet

Girl gives a boy bracelet

When a girl gives a boy a couple bracelet, it usually means that she wants to tie his heart. Generally, between ordinary friends, few girls will give boys bracelets. This only happens before they are lovers. Girls give boys bracelets to express their care for each other and hope that he can stick to the relationship between them.

couple bracelet

Friends giving each other bracelets

Not only the opposite sex can give bracelets to each other, but good friends can also give bracelets to each other. In school days, everyone has their own good friends, who go in and out together, and are inseparable. When they see a suitable bracelet, they always want to give it to their good friends, which shows the inseparable friendship between two people. In addition, friendships during student days are always the most precious, but when graduation comes, everyone will have their own choices and separation will inevitably occur. On the occasion of separation, give your best friend a bracelet and wish that the friendship between the two will last forever.


Pearl bracelet

Pearl jewelry is a relatively special existence among jewelry. In daily life, we rarely wear pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces. The reason is also very simple, because its particles are relatively large. Although it looks good when made into jewelry, it is certainly not as convenient to use in daily life compared to couple bracelets made of other materials.

bracelet for mom

But if you really want to give a pearl couple bracelet to your girlfriend, you can choose a style that is not all pearls, such as a silver bracelet with a pearl, or simply give up the bracelet and directly choose a necklace, earrings or ring. The style is also very beautiful. And pearl necklaces are more likely to be made into couples’ styles!

pearl necklaces


Classification of couple bracelets

Now that we already know that giving bracelets has different meanings. So how should we choose when there are so many styles of couple bracelets? Do couple bracelets of different materials have different meanings? Let’s take a look below!

I actually divide couple bracelets into three types of materials, namely precious metals, gemstones, and hand-knitted ones. I will select a few of the most popular styles from each and introduce their maintenance methods. First we start with the most common precious metals!

couple bracelets

Precious metal couple bracelet

Platinum couple bracelet

Platinum is a rare precious metal. Its luster is white and delicate, natural and pure. It will not fade or even change color, and it can still maintain a good color no matter how long it takes. Therefore, it is a very good choice in jewelry, and platinum is naturally hypoallergenic. People with sensitive skin will never be allergic when wearing it. Platinum, a precious metal, is very stable and will not have a negative impact on the human body.

Platinum couple bracelet

Although platinum is strong, it scratches easily and, in rare cases, can even deform if the ring is made too thin. And platinum is also generally more expensive than gold.

Style 1: Fairy style couple bracele

Fairy style couple bracelet

This bracelet is called the fairy style because its style is more beautiful, has many small details, and is more slender. It is more suitable for girls. Please be careful to disconnect it when wearing it.

Style 2: Sweet and Spicy Style Couple Bracelet

Sweet and Spicy Style Couple Bracelet

This is my favorite bracelet, very everyday and versatile, suitable for both men and women. And, if your normal style is punk, this will suit you perfectly. If on Halloween, your couple costumes are a queen and a king, or a witch and a duke, this couple bracelet is also very suitable.


Daily maintenance

Keep platinum jewelry separately in a jewelry box or soft leather bag. When doing manual work, removing platinum jewelry is mainly due to the appearance of scratches in the future

When wearing platinum jewelry, do not handle bleach or other harsh chemicals. While they will not damage platinum, chemicals may discolor delicate gemstones if they are set in gemstones.

Clean regularly.

couple bracelet

Cleaning method

The simplest cleaning method is to use toothpaste to clean it, and it should be cleaned every six months. But it’s best to soak and scrub with a special detergent.

Platinum jewelry set with gemstones should be professionally cleaned every six months. In case there is a problem with the jewelry that is not discovered in time.

couple bracelet

Couple bracelet gold

Couple bracelet gold are relatively rare in daily life, because the value of gold is too high and it is risky to wear it daily, and in everyone’s traditional impression, the style of gold jewelry is not very good-looking. However, there are also good-looking ones!

Style 1: gold knot bracelet

The design of this bracelet is very special. Other bracelets are made of solid designs, but this one has a knotted design, so it is more everyday, and it feels more comfortable when worn without irritating your hands!

couple bracelet gold

Style 2: metallic bracelet

This one looks very substantial, yes! It is quite heavy, and it is not pure gold. Other elements are added to it to make it harder and prevent wear and tear. This model is also very suitable for daily wear, especially for urban white-collar workers or workplace executives, who often need to wear formal clothes!

couple bracelet gold
Couple bracelet silver

Couple bracelet silver are a relatively common material, and they are also the material with the most styles. In fact, gold bracelets are also very common, but gold is less common, so I recommend silver jewelry, which is more popular and easy to match.

But I think the biggest difference between silver jewelry and gold jewelry is in style. In the same style, silver jewelry is more feminine, so couple bracelet silver rarely have the same style. Basically, there are differences between men and women.

couple bracelet gold

Style 1: everlasting knot couple bracelet

This bracelet adopts the design of eternal knot. First of all, the meaning is very good and represents the eternity of love. Secondly, the advantage of this couple’s bracelet is that it is thicker, unlike traditional thin bracelets, and can be stored longer.

couple bracelet silver

Style 2: bamboo silver bracelet

The design of this couple’s bracelet is very special. It uses a bamboo design. Maybe it can be called a silver bracelet. Bamboo grows section by section, getting taller and taller, so the meaning of the bamboo sections is that the relationship is getting better and better, and the wealth is getting better and better. In short, it is getting better and better day by day!

couple bracelet silver

The above is the sharing of couple bracelets in this issue. In the next issue, we will share related content about crystal bracelets and diamond bracelets, so stay tuned! ! !



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