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20 super simple and cute poses that you can learn in no time!


Previously we have shared the couple portrait photo techniques and couple portrait photo poses, including the preparation before the shooting in the shooting of the precautions, are introduced very comprehensive. But in fact, when we shoot couples portraits not only have two people to take pictures, there are times when we need to take single photos, this time we have what is worth referring to the lovely posture?

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Couples Photoshoots

20 super simple and cute poses

Standing face to face with the camera

Face to the camera, take front photos, this is often used a cute pose, people can look at the camera or not, how natural how to shoot. For example, you can tilt your head to look at the camera, this pose is really very cute, or slightly off 45 degrees to look into the distance, not too off. If it’s too biased, it will look like the side profile is not good. We have to be exactly 45 degrees off, and our eyes have to look slightly towards the sky at thirty degrees, we can’t look straight ahead or we’ll look very lifeless.

20 super simple and cute poses that you can learn in no time!插图1

Standing sideways to the camera

If you want to stand and take pictures to show a little thin, you can side to the camera standing shot, this will be shot than the front looks much thinner Oh.

Sitting in front of the camera

When you are taking pictures facing the camera, you can also let yourself sit down, so that you will be more relaxed, with some nice cute poses, shoot the natural beauty.

Sitting sideways to the camera

Similarly, the side sitting to the camera to shoot this cute pose, you can make your features more three-dimensional, the body looks more thin, girls can try to take pictures oh.

cute pose


Taking pictures is not only standing and sitting, we can occasionally squat down to take pictures, such as squatting down and interacting with small animals, taking leaves, playing in the water, etc., catching a picture will naturally look good, it is a very good cute pose.

Lying down

Lying down to take pictures is especially suitable for girls who like to take portraits, the grass, the woods, the home, simply lying down can make a heartwarming portrait photo, and it is super natural and good-looking.

Lying down to shoot

Lying down to take pictures can make their own movements and expressions more natural, but also to create a sense of laziness, take pictures of natural and good-looking.

cute pose

Reclining shot

If you are taking pictures at home, then you must shoot lying in this lovely position, bed, sofa, bathtub, floor are very good places, simple lying can show their most comfortable side.


If you want your photo background to be less cluttered, if you like to take a photo of yourself and the sky, then take advantage of the lovely pose of the back of the camera to help you take a beautiful photo.

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Overhead Shot

If you don’t control the angle of your face well, you may get fat, so you can try to take a top shot, which is definitely one of the best photo poses for slimming down your face and body.

cute poses

Tilting your head to take pictures

If you are a girl who likes to travel, then you must learn this lovely pose of tilting your head to take photos, because this tilting posture with the beautiful scenery, can make the photos look very meaningful.

Look Back Photo

Looking back is one of the most suitable photo poses for ladies, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can turn your back to the camera and take a look back, it will be very natural and nice!

Touching your hair

In your photo do not know how to put the hand, you can put your hand to use, such as lifting up above the head, put on the head to touch the hair, skills to ease the embarrassment, but also increase the charm of this photo position in one fell swoop.

Couples Photoshoots

Utilize the hat

Going out to take pictures, you should know how to use a good hat to take pictures, hat can not only block the sun, to the face value of the points, but also to make the picture rich, how to shoot are natural good-looking.

Utilize umbrellas

Umbrellas are one of the essential props for taking pictures outside, they can be used to block the sun and rain, and can also be used to take pictures, transparent umbrellas with rainy day photos, flower umbrellas with sunny day photos, photo poses any pose, super photogenic and good-looking.

Interaction with pets/animals

Reasonable use of some cute little pets or small animals to interact, you can make you look very girl charm, very cute and caring, take pictures without embarrassment, natural and good-looking.

Couples Photoshoots

Interact with food and drink

Eating and drinking can actually be utilized to take good-looking photos, so after that, no matter whether you are eating good-looking and delicious food or drinking good-looking and good-looking drinks, you can have an interaction and take natural and good-looking photos with cute poses.

Interact with flowers

Girls love all kinds of beautiful flowers, so when you encounter a flower, you can interact with the flower, smell the flower, use the flower to block your face, etc., so that the flower will dress you up more beautiful.

Interact with the camera

Interacting with the camera in a photo pose can make you look slightly cuter, and even if you are facing the camera, it will be a lot less unnatural and awkward, making the photo more natural and nice.

20 super simple and cute poses that you can learn in no time!插图7

Interaction with the environment

When taking pictures, you should know how to use the environment, look around there is nothing can be blended together to take pictures, such as large buildings, good-looking dolls, playgrounds, etc., can be interacted with, into these environments, to take natural good-looking beautiful photos.

Above is the sharing of cute poses, cute poses can increase affinity, can make people feel close and friendly,, feel relaxed and happy, bring positive emotions and happy experience. And cute photo poses often have a certain fun and creativity, making the photos more interesting and attractive!


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