13 best poses for couple photoshoots!

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Autumn is the season for taking pictures! I have shared the preliminary preparations for taking couple photo shoots before. Today I will share 13 poses for couple photoshoots that are easy to imitate and make your photos sweet! After filming, it will definitely give you the feeling of seeing a blockbuster movie. I hope everyone can retain the best memories~

8 ideas for couples photoshoot: Be sure to take the most beautiful photos!

A must-see for couples photoshoots: Take the most beautiful photos!

Poses for couples photoshoots

Don’t look at the camera

When taking couple photoshoots, without staring at the camera, the two people will be more relaxed and interact more naturally. Everyday intimate moments will be recorded and they will not look so deliberate.

couples photoshoots

Without looking at the camera or knowing where to look, the two of them can look into the distance together, as if they saw something interesting or beautiful.

couples photoshoots

Two people can also add some interaction. In short, it should be natural and as if there is no one else around. The couple photoshoots taken this way will look better!

couples photoshoots
Take pictures of each other

It’s actually quite troublesome to take couple photoshoots while traveling. You have to either use equipment or ask for help from passers-by. The couple Peter and Zuzu came up with the idea of taking photos of each other opposite each other at the same time and place while traveling, and then stitching them together.

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In fact, the photo taken by Peter on the right is the one taken by Zuzu on the left, and vice versa. The two couples used this naughty way of photographing each other at the same time to show everyone different angles of the scenery they saw while traveling around the world. It’s a great couple photoshoots idea.

couples photoshoots ideas
Half & Half series

Long-distance relationships can take couple photoshoots like this. When two people are not around each other, they put together their daily scenes. This idea comes from a Korean long-distance couple, the girl Danbi Shin is in New York and the boy Seok Li is in South Korea. They found that even though they were separated in two places, they still lived a similar life, so they were inspired to create a series called “Half & Half”.

couples photoshoots ideas
Eat ice cream together

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Unlock difficult photo poses

A position that maximizes the boyfriend’s strength. The boy squats down first and stretches out his hands. The girl kneels up and puts her knees on the boy’s elbows. Be careful not to kneel crookedly. The boy can hold the girl’s ankles and keep her in a kneeling position. After the boy stands up, the girl can slowly sit down.

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There are many photoshoot poses for holding high couples, some of which are quite difficult. But the beauty of this kind of “lift her up” photos is not only the pose itself, but the expression that captures that moment.

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After the girl is picked up, she can caress her boyfriend’s face, which just covers his grinning expression. This pose also looks very loving.

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Boy looking at girlfriend

This action can be said to be very sweet. The girl only has to look at the camera beautifully, while the boy looks at his girlfriend dotingly.

You can capture the look of love with your mobile phone. When a boy looks at the girl next to him, he can’t hide the look of love in his eyes. Those who write this express their envy!

couples photoshoot
Boys and girls looking at each other

The pose for this couple photoshoots is relatively simple. Look at the other person, and the boy can make a face at the girl to make her laugh. In fact, when you look at the other person like this, the corners of your mouth will turn up unconsciously.

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Two people can also be talking, which will be more routine. Looking at each other and smiling, you don’t need much foreshadowing. Just one eye contact can create an emotional resonance.

couples photoshoots ideas
Funny little moves

Breaking away from the static impression given by ordinary photos, adding some cute little movements makes couples photoshoots come alive. Think about it, are there any such playful little moves between you? Quickly move everything into the camera. You can also show off your body, do some funny moves, and let your imagination run wild. If there are only two people, you will need the help of a tripod and time-lapse photography.

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If it is difficult to get into a natural state in front of the camera, kissing should be a trick to pass. Because couples can always enter this state very naturally, without having to think about what expressions they need to put on.

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If you are more reserved and want to show off your affection in a low-key way, you can try taking a silhouette shot. It’s hard to see people clearly. It’s usually bright in the distance and dark in the near distance. It will look good in couple photoshoots.


You can also make use of the reflective objects around you. Various reflective objects such as mirrors, water surfaces, shop windows, etc. are very common. Sometimes the overlapping effect brought by the reflective objects can give you a unique couple photo.

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Photographing couple shoes

Some people may find it awkward to pose and don’t want to show their true faces. Patting something they both have in common can also be a good way to “show affection”. For example, you can take photos of the shoes under your feet, which is so sweet that it makes you sick. Pay attention to the background to have enough flowers and full colors to make it look good. In addition to taking pictures of shoes, you can also take pictures of small items between couples such as rings.

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Back photo

Two people can find a scenery you like, hold hands or pose in the same pose, and it will be just as sweet to take a photo of the back. As promised, you can take a back shot, and the boy can look back at the girl, or the two of you can look back together, both are beautiful pictures.

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Stand in a line

There are many CPs on Instagram who share their daily outfits for couples. We can learn from this way of holding hands in front of the camera. Holding hands and standing together, just by doing this, you can feel the happiness that fills the screen. It is a great couple photoshoots.

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Hug behind

The boyfriend can naturally hug his girlfriend from behind. This is a relatively intimate posture and full of sweet atmosphere. When you take the photo, there will be full of pink bubbles floating around. Couples may wish to give it a try!

couple photo ideas
A sure-fire way to take couple photoshoots

Please be happy forever~

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