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The most beautiful lunch date outfit for ladies!


In the last issue, we shared some tips on how to wear lunch date outfit for women. In this issue, we continue to share some specific tips. What are the specific tips? For example, how to match a lunch date outfit to make your legs look longer? What kind of combination is more flattering to the face shape? How to choose accessories? How to dress in your own style? Let’s take a look together below.

“Long legs” matching

Wide-leg pants + platform shoes

Wide-leg pants have become a mainstream item of clothing in recent years. They are also very friendly to people with thicker calves. However, because the pants are very long, the proportions may look strange if the shoes are not properly matched. It is recommended to wear wide-leg pants. Be sure to pair it with thick-soled shoes such as dad shoes, or shoes with a slight heel, and you will have a pair of invincible long legs, a lunch date outfit that shows off your long legs!

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Cropped top + high-waisted pants

How can a 55 body look like a 37 body? The answer is to raise the waistline, so that the waist position looks higher visually, and the legs will therefore feel longer. For example, wearing a short top with high-waisted pants or skirts, lunch date outfit matching tips can easily lengthen the body proportions. , is also a good opportunity to show off your slim waist, exuding a slight sex appeal.

Style 1

lunch date outfits

Style 2

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Shoes are the same color as the lower body

Shoes of the same color as your lower body will make your legs look slender and long. The reason is that the legs will visually feel like they are extending, so the proportions will look better. If the color of the lower body and the shoes are obviously different, there will be a cutoff point at the ankle, and there will be no such modification effect.

Girls' outfits

V-neck top flatters round face

Except for girls with long faces, in fact, most people are suitable to wear V-neck tops. It especially has an excellent effect on round or square faces. The exposed skin automatically lengthens the visual proportions of the face, and the round face looks good. It is not so round anymore and the whole face looks smaller. It is a very good lunch date outfit.

Style 1

lunch date outfit

Style 2

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Try different styles of shoes

A girly soft shirt and long skirt are paired with a pair of sneakers, a sports casual suit and high heels. It looks very conflicting, but it looks surprisingly good when worn. In recent years, the lunch date outfit mix and match trend has become more and more popular. Remember to try shoes that are completely different from the usual logic. Simple can create obvious effects.

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Carry the side backpack in front

I never thought that just wearing a side bag on the front would make my body look better proportioned! Remember to shorten the shoulder strap of the bag, and try to let it hang down at the same height as the waistline, or higher. Do not let it hang next to the thigh, so that it makes people feel that your waist is where the bag is.

lunch date outfit

A hat completes the look

Hats are a good partner for lunch date outfits. As long as a corresponding hat is added to any outfit, the overall outfit will be more complete without feeling like something is missing. And in fact, wearing a hat can also increase your body proportions and have the visual effect of slimming your face. It can be regarded as an accessory that is both beautiful and practical.

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Clothes color matching

Similar color matching

Beige color matching, which has been very popular in recent years, is this color matching technique. The whole body is dressed in similar colors, or the same color series is used, but different shades of similar colors are used to match. The overall look is very harmonious and textured. It feels like a way of matching that is easy to wear but looks very stylish.

Style 1

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Style 2

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Contrasting color combinations

The high-profile contrasting color style will actually make you stand out when walking on the road. However, before you know the right proportion, it is recommended to choose items with relatively low color saturation to match the contrasting colors, such as an olive green suit jacket and a more casual look. The pink long skirt looks delicate and interesting overall, and it is not as difficult to control as green and red.

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No more than 3 colors

It is best not to have more than 3 colors in everyone’s lunch date outfit. Generally speaking, the main color that occupies the largest color area of the whole body accounts for about 60%, the auxiliary color accounts for 30 to 40%, and the embellishment color accounts for 5 to 10%. Such a combination It will look very harmonious and not as colorful as a Christmas tree.

lunch date outfit

Black + gray + white

Every time I walk on the street, if I see someone wearing all black, all white or all gray, I will think that this person is so stylish! Because these 3 colors are called achromatic colors, they can not only be easily blended into other colors, but can also be their own set. However, the difficulty of wearing the same color all over is actually not too low. It is recommended to work on the brightness of materials, fabrics and colors, so that the overall lunch date outfit will be layered.

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Wear your own style

The style of mixing high-end designer brands with ordinary casual clothes has become the mainstream of lunch date outfits in recent years. It blurs the boundaries between formal and casual and gives a more personalized attitude. It will not be too grand, but also It won’t be too everyday, and it won’t be strange to participate in various occasions.

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The above is the sharing about lunch date outfit in this issue. We are also free to dress, but learning some suitable outfits will improve the utilization of our clothes. We will find that you don’t have to buy new clothes to look good. By matching your existing clothes well, you can also look like a new you every day.

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