couples fall outfit ideas
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9 simple and photogenic couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas


The hot summer has passed and cool autumn has entered. Couples’ outfits have become more fashionable. Autumn clothes are not as simple and easy to match as in summer. Couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas are also a bit complicated to match. Choose a comfortable match and you can be more comfortable. Showing your temperament, it is both simple and sweet when taking photos. It is fashionable in any occasion and can definitely become the center of attention.

couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas

Couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas

style 1

Autumn is already a bit cool, so a jacket is of course a must-have. Black, as a super versatile color, is of course also a must-have for couple fall photoshoot outfit ideas. The girl’s black suit jacket is worn with a black sweater inside, which is simple and elegant. The lower body is paired with blue jeans. The straight design makes this outfit more casual. Although the shoes and bags on the feet contrast with the top, they match the whole body. In response, the hair is spread over the shoulders, making it casual and approachable. The boy wore black suit pants with a black and white plaid shirt and a black jacket of the same style. Although the color is relatively simple, it looks very fashionable.

couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas

Style 2

In fact, couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas do not necessarily have to choose couple outfits. Clothes of the same color or similar colors are also more eye-catching. Girls can choose a dark brown sweater with black buttons on the front to make the sweater unique. Pair it with a pair of Light-colored casual pants look more comfortable when matched with the color of a top. White shoes are super versatile and can be matched with any clothes. An off-white canvas bag is perfectly suitable for this outfit. The patchwork sweater chosen by boys looks darker in gray and orange. The stripes make the sweater more eye-catching, and the lower body looks very stable when paired with pants that are darker than the top.

couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas
Style 3

Boys generally prefer dark clothes, and suits are also very popular among boys. They are not only easy to match, but also very fashionable. The dark gray suit chosen by boys looks more casual, unlike the black ones that are everywhere on the street, and gray ones. The sense of fashion has improved a lot. For girls, white clean short-sleeves and black overalls are simple, but they are an indispensable daily outfit. This set is Qingchunxi’s couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas.

couples fall outfit ideas

Style 4

Black and white are popular colors every year and can be paired with any color and will never go out of style. The boy’s outfit has a cool feel. A black jacket paired with black pants is definitely a classic, and the white T-shirt is very prominent as a base. The girl chooses a light color combination, which contrasts with the boy’s black and blends the two people together. fall couples photoshoot outfit ideas.

couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas

Style 5

A white shirt can be said to be an essential item for every girl. Now that autumn is here, a white shirt paired with black wide-leg pants is undoubtedly the perfect couple fall photoshoot outfit ideas. A white shirt brings out a girl’s temperament. Black wide-leg pants can completely save thick legs for girls with thick legs. Tucking the white shirt into the pants lengthens the height of the girl, making the girl look extraordinary.

Fall couples photoshoot outfit ideas Boys don’t have to choose clothes of the same color as girls. They can also choose clothes with similar styles and styles. Dark green pants paired with light-colored tops make people look energetic and give people the feeling of a soldier. Matching it with your girlfriend like this also has a sense of CP. When walking on the street, it is not only not boring but also makes people envious.

9 simple and photogenic couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas插图5

Style 6

As one of the best-selling items, the basic model has no complicated design and can be matched casually. It comes in a variety of colors. It is also a good choice to choose the same style but different colors of tops with your boyfriend. Green and black are very different in color. Big difference, one dark and one light trousers are in sharp contrast, one black and one white shoes, each combination brings out some small tacit understanding between the couple, simple and photogenic couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas.

9 simple and photogenic couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas插图6

Style 7

The striped series of couple’s shirts not only look very sweet, but are also very comfortable, giving people a lazy feeling. The classic black and white stripes are simple and show quality, and they look very young. Girls and boys choose different colors and styles. The pants don’t look monotonous, and the same couple shoes make the two of them happy.

Style 8

Fall couples photoshoot outfit ideas In fact, you don’t have to choose traditional couple outfits, and you don’t need to be the same all over. The same couple outfits are outdated, and similar and matching couple outfits are more popular among couples. A girl’s white short-sleeved shirt paired with black trousers has a literary and artistic flair, while a boy’s pink shirt that is difficult to control turns heads when walking on the street. The same style of black and white checkered shoes also declares the relationship between the two. This combination Very suitable for couples who are in love while going to school.

9 simple and photogenic couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas插图7

Style 9

Pairing a white T-shirt with jeans is the simplest and most convenient. It looks casual and looks dazzling when walking in the crowd. It is also a good couples fall photoshoot outfit idea for low-key couples. White is not as ostentatious as other colors and looks cleaner and tidier. Choosing pants of different colors with your boyfriend will not conflict with each other, and holding hands while shopping together is also a beautiful sight. After seeing so many outfits, hurry up and get together with your boyfriend. You will definitely become the most handsome guy on the street.

couples fall photoshoot outfit ideas


Fall couples photoshoot outfit ideas should be chosen according to your own conditions. You don’t need too many decorations and expensive clothes. Simple outfits can also show off your temperament. The most important thing is the deep love between the two of you.

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