Must-choose lunch date outfits for men on their first date

lunch date outfits


Many boys may not care much about lunch date outfits, but in fact, good clothing matching will make girls have a better impression of you. Boys don’t know much about dressing ideas, so I will mainly talk about boys’ lunch date outfits in two parts. , this issue mainly shares a basic outfit idea. If boys master the dressing ideas, they will basically not wear uncoordinated lunch date outfits.

lunch date outfit

Comparison of clothing shopping ideas for boys and girls

Before talking about matching in detail, let me first talk about a comparison of the ideas of boys and girls when buying clothes. Basically the following two ideas:

  • This dress looks good. I wonder if it would look good on me.
  • This dress goes well with the distressed jeans I have at home, and also goes well with my white sneakers?

I have asked many people this question, and the vast majority of boys have the first idea. Interestingly, the vast majority of girls have the second idea. If you have gone shopping or bought clothes with girls, you should have felt it.

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Therefore, when boys judge whether a piece of clothing looks good or not, it depends on the clothing itself. Girls are different. What girls care about is matching. What’s even more interesting is that girls don’t just care about the matching of their own clothes, girls care about the matching of everyone else—including yours. In the eyes of girls, your lunch date outfits are much more important than your natural appearance! Not just clothes, but accessories (glasses, hats, scarves, etc.), hairstyles, beards, etc.

lunch date outfit

How to match lunch date outfits for boys?

Plain color matching method

What is plain color does not mean that the color is very plain, but that there are no other patterns and patterns. The pattern on the clothes will focus people’s attention. When the attention is focused, your pattern is actually conveying a certain message to girls. For example, if the pattern on the chest of a boy’s lunch date outfit is a Mickey Mouse, will it be conveyed to girls? Girls, a message that you are childish?

lunch date outfit

So suppose the message we send is that you are naive, will this girl like naive boys? The answer is I don’t know. Although generally speaking, girls don’t like naive boys, but what if the girl you like is a weirdo? “I don’t know” means “possibly”.

Therefore, if you blindly pass on the message before you know what message you want to pass on to girls, then this is risky. So, the surefire way to go wrong is to choose not to send these messages that could be misinterpreted, so wearing plain clothes is the best choice for first lunch date outfits.

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But you have been with a girl for a long time and know her preferences very well. If you make sure that she won’t hate your outfit, you can wear whatever you want. However, plain clothes are still the best choice for boys’ lunch date outfits without too many elements. , it is also very convenient for daily matching.

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Clean mix

Because the plain color reduces the redundant information given by the clothing, it will not be messy or dirty, and it will not be easy to make mistakes. It looks very clean and tidy. Girls are animals that care about details. They care about many things that you don’t care about, such as the collar of your shirt, your sleeves, and even the hem of your sneakers.

White is the least stain-resistant color among all colors, because any stain placed on white will appear dirty. It is precisely because of this characteristic that if you dare to wear white, it will directly subconsciously tell girls that you are a very clean person.

Men's outfit

But you should also pay attention to wearing white: you can’t wear all white, especially for fat boys, because white may not make you look taller, but white will definitely make you fatter, because white is an expansion color. So not only can you not wear all white, but for those who are not tall, it is best not to wear white pants. White pants not only make your legs thicker and visually make people think your legs are short, but also have another problem, which is easy to make your legs look short. The color of your panties is faintly visible.

Men's outfit

On the contrary, if you wear an expanding color on the upper body (we take white as an example here, in fact, any expanding color is the same), and wear a shrinking color on the lower body, the upper body will become wider and the lower body will become longer, so that you will appear longer, and visually you will be slimmer. Very tall. Of course, you must not only wear white to dress cleanly, but other colors can also be achieved.

Men's outfit

Add layering

In this slightly cooler season, wear an extra layer to make your overall look look better. Then, a casual blazer or jacket becomes a good choice for lunch date outfits! A relaxed white T-shirt with jeans, as long as you add a loose suit jacket, the whole thing will be more stylish! Or put on a jacket of the same color, which has the same function as a shirt, and will look more energetic and stable than one!

lunch date outfit
Don’t have too many accessories

The instruction manual for accessories is to not overdo it, just enough! Adding an extra hat to your head is the first choice for many people. A clutch or tote bag is also good. If possible, sunglasses and watches are good accessories that can add points! When the weather is cold, bring an extra scarf for emergencies. When the cold wind blows, you can instantly capture the heart of your date with just one move! Boys’ scheming lunch date outfits!

lunch date outfit

Low chroma tones

Lunch date outfits that are too full or have bright colors can easily make people feel that they are in bad taste if they are not carefully matched. Low-color tones are easy to match and effortless, and clean and tidy outfits will not make your date dissatisfied. She feels that walking on the road is too eye-catching, which greatly increases the other person’s sense of security, causing her to accidentally fall into the whirlpool of love!

lunch date outfit

The above is the sharing of lunch date outfits for boys in this issue. After reading this, do you feel that you already have a clear idea of what to wear for a date? In the next issue, we will share with you specific examples of lunch date outfits for boys to help you make better choices!

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