Analysis of Smile Love Test Results

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Smile Dating Test

Want to know what your style and personality are like when it comes to dating? It is said that the Smile Dating Test can help you determine your romantic tendencies. In fact, the Smile Dating Test has a total of 12 questions, and each question has 2 options. Choose an answer that is closer to your heart. After selecting, you will get smiley faces representing different love attributes. There are 16 different colors of smiley faces, and each smiley face will have its most suitable and least suitable love partners, which can be seen in the report from the love test. Below I have made the best pairings of smiley faces with different love attributes, let’s take a look!

smile dating test
Khaki smiley vs olive green smiley

People with khaki smiles will deliberately appear in front of the person they like during dates and take the initiative to talk to them. There is a tendency to fall in love easily. But once you start dating, you will be serious and enthusiastic. Can’t bear others to look down upon or look down on their lover. If you are very curious about the daily life of others, the inner monologue is of course to understand the daily life of your lover.

Even if it is a small matter, I hope the other party will contact me. Lively personality, very good at communicating with lovers. The impromptu personality likes to attend various parties with his lover. If you think something is something your lover needs, you will buy it without hesitation.

People with olive green smiles give people a colder impression when they first meet. He will be attracted to people whose interests and values are consistent. It will take a long time to develop into a relationship, but once you fall in love, you will fall deeply into it.

smile dating test

Unlike his cold appearance, he will fall deeply into love. I hope the other person is willing to listen to him talk about his areas of interest. When there is a conflict, if we can’t talk it out together, we will choose to escape. Don’t look at your lover’s eyes and speak directly.

Smile Dating Test Results Analysis

Therefore, the person with the khaki smiley face attribute and the person with the olive green attribute are a perfect match in the early stages of love. One takes the initiative, and the other is cold on the outside but hot on the inside. And once both parties start falling in love, it will be out of control. One is very eager to understand the lover, and the other is very willing to talk. It’s a perfect match made in heaven, impeccable.

Red smiley face and brown smiley face

People with red smiles are good at expressing themselves and will move forward without hesitation when they identify someone. After you start falling in love, you will be passionate like fire, but this fire will be extinguished quickly. So humor and dialogue are really important to his romance.

I get tired of going on the same dates very quickly. You have to resonate with what I say and be good at listening to what I have to say. If you remain unreasonable when there is a conflict, the relationship will fade. Don’t like to be restrained and controlled.

People with brown smiles often fall in love with people who approach them. There are many thoughts, and it takes a long time to develop into a relationship. But once you make up your mind, you will fall in love quickly. When you are in love, you attach great importance to the character of the other person.


Rather than a passionate relationship, I want to have a long-term and stable relationship. The type who is unwilling to magnify conflicts and prefers to solve problems quietly. As long as it doesn’t exceed my bottom line, I won’t deliberately create an atmosphere of discord. They value credibility, so they hate people who lie. Even lovers break up because of issues of values.

Smile Dating Test Results Analysis

As for the relationship between the red smiley face and the brown smiley face, you will find that they have many points in common. One will move forward without hesitation when he identifies with someone, while the other is passive and often falls in love with people who take the initiative to approach. Moreover, people with brown smiles are people who take the initiative to solve problems and will not take the initiative to cause disputes, while people with red smiles dislike quarreling. It can be said that the two personalities are quite compatible.

Orange smiley and sky blue smiley


People with orange smiles will keep expressing themselves in front of the people they like. He has a great sense of humor, good taste, and is very popular. Although there are many friends of the opposite sex around, he will only be loyal to his lover.
Will encourage lovers and take good care of others. When taking care of each other, we also hope that the other party will respond and express accordingly.

His eyes are quick and his intuition is accurate. If you feel “gloomy”, you will generally guess it correctly. When you have sad things, you will not tell your lover, and you will just sulk alone. Sometimes the emotions fluctuate greatly. If your lover’s words and deeds are inconsistent, it will hurt your feelings. Although you will be very heartbroken after breaking up , but will not deliberately try to retain him.


People with sky-blue smiles pursue comfortable and stable relationships. The ambiguity lasts longer. Although I like the other person passionately in my heart, I won’t reveal it. It’s easy to get hurt, fantasy TV series and movie-like love. So falling in love in real life can be tiring.

I like to define every tone and action of my lover. So it’s important to express your love to me anytime. There is a tendency to escape when there is a conflict with a lover. A glassy heart that is easily hurt by a lover’s direct words.

Smile Dating Test Results Analysis

First of all, people with orange smiles completely meet the sky-blue mate selection criteria. People with orange smiles have a good sense of humor, good taste, are very popular, and are good at taking care of others. Isn’t this the “fantasy TV series and movie-like love” that people with sky-blue smiles want?

Moreover, people with orange smiley faces have very high emotional intelligence and can quickly detect changes in their lovers’ emotions and will not hurt others with their words. They completely satisfy the fantasies of people with sky-blue smiles about their significant other. They are like the male protagonist of the novel coming into reality!


Pink smiley and gray smiley

People with pink smiles are very cautious about love. When engaging in ambiguity, I will keep my distance and think it is important to get closer slowly. He has a good personality and is very kind, and has many friends around him. Compared with blind dates, it is more common for people to become lovers through introductions from friends around them. She is super eye-catching, so she can catch the other person’s mood and resonate with them.

Whether it’s an expression or a gift, you want to get something in return proportional to what you give. Don’t be stingy in expressing your emotions. The better you are at expressing your emotions, the more stable your relationship will be. If you see the rude side of your lover, you will be disappointed. Extremely disgusted with conflicts between lovers. I hate lying even more.


People with gray smiles will not show it even if they like someone. I am worried that my confession will be rejected, so I often don’t take the initiative to confess. Frequently interact with people who take the initiative to approach you. Once you fall in love, you will treat the other person well and often buy gifts for the other person to express your feelings. But contact often consumes too much of my energy and makes him feel tired.


I believe that private life should be respected. When you have conflicts with your lover, you will feel very annoyed and tired, and you will often choose not to speak or to escape. I like people who are optimistic and give me faith every time. I hate everything, especially being clingy.

Smile Dating Test Results Analysis

People with pink smiles and people with gray smiles are very cautious about relationships, so their relationships are very stable and there is no need to worry about them cheating. And the smile dating test results show that pink smiling faces are relatively proactive, while gray smiling faces are relatively reserved, so there will be a phenomenon of one party following the other. However, this phenomenon is a positive performance, and there will be a good way to face problems. the result of.

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