The most complete analysis of moon phase soulmate, find crush(3)

moon phase soulmate

This issue is the last detailed analysis of moon phase soulmate, and the flowers are finished!

Moon conjunct moon

This aspect shows that the moon phase soulmate have similar spiritual feelings and emotional fluctuations. The two people can understand each other’s thoughts and consider each other’s needs. They can be close friends with spiritual communication, which is very beneficial to a long-term and stable relationship.

Moon phase couple

On an emotional level, moon phase soulmate get along very well. This aspect suggests a deep, subconscious connection. You are often aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings, even when you are not together. Your emotional empathy is very powerful. You can always match each other’s mood in a short time.

who is moon phase soulmate

Provide compassion and emotional support when the other person needs it. Your home life will be great because you share roughly similar emotions and inner needs. You will cooperate tacitly in your daily home life.

Moon conjunctions are an important astrological basis for determining the suitability of romantic and family relationships. Sometimes, you feel like he is the most perfect partner you could ever meet. When facing difficult situations, you may occasionally cause problems due to similar temperaments and emotional imbalances.

who is moon phase soulmate

Moon conjunct Jupiter

This is a great aspect. It means good sex and romance, where you can feel each other’s feelings intensely. This aspect means you have trust in each other, shared beliefs, warm feelings, and optimism. You have common goals in life and can share them with each other unconditionally.

You may have similar experiences, especially in studying abroad or traveling abroad, so you have a common language, reflected in your thoughts. Both of them are action-oriented in life and work, and both can help each other.

who is moon phase soulmate

Moon Trine / Semiconjunct Jupiter

The warm character of this pair of moon phase soulmates has become the guarantee for the long-term relationship of the couple. Both of them long for the warmth of home, cherish the existence of home, and are willing to work hard and sacrifice for the family.


They rely on each other, support each other’s work, and get along very harmoniously with each other’s family and friends, with almost no family conflicts. If you still have a common goal in life and make progress together, then both of you will gain a lot.who is moon phase soulmate

Because of their warm personalities and harmonious family relationship, marriage is almost certain. Aspects also have a great blessing effect at this time, bringing good luck to both parties!

You enjoy each other’s company, and in the long run you will both benefit greatly from a broadening of your interests as you support each other’s passion for society and efforts toward self-improvement.They are the most classic pair of moon phase soulmates who work hard and make progress.

Moon phase soulmate analysis

Moon phase soulmate summary

The moon must be in tune

The most important thing when looking for a soul mate is the moon! The moon represents our inner emotions and what kind of emotional pattern we most want. Let me introduce to you the mutual configuration of these types of moons that are in sync with each other, and it is also for your reference.

moon phase soulmate

Quickly master moon phase matching

Moon square

First of all, moon phase soulmate must not be a moon square. For example, if your moon sign is Cancer, and his moon is Libra, the configuration of these two moons is not good. There are several best situations, such as the moon conjunction, that is, the moon signs of two people are the same, so that the expression of emotions is more consistent.

moon phase soulmate

Moon trine or sextile

There is also a moon phase soulmate where the moons on both sides form a trine phase or a sextile phase, which is relatively good. For example, the moon in Sagittarius, the moon in Leo, and the moon in Aries all belong to the trine aspect, which is the trine aspect. The Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon in Libra, and the Moon in Aquarius all belong to the sextile position. In this case, the moons are relatively in tune with each other, will not cause too much emotional fluctuations, and will be more tender and sweet.

moon phase soulmate

Moon opposition

It is worth mentioning that unlike the conflict between the sun and the sun, the moon in opposition has a special attraction, such as the moon in Sagittarius and the moon in Gemini, the moon in Taurus and the moon in Scorpio. If other positions in the horoscope cooperate well, May also become moon phase soulmate.

moon phase soulmate

Positive aspects of the Moon and Sun

After talking about the moon’s position, we still need to see whether the moon on both sides has formed a positive aspect with the sun, forming a good interaction. If so, it means that it is one step closer to moon phase soulmate.

moon phase

If one’s Moon and the other’s Sun are in conjunction, trine or sextile, this is a good position. It means that moon phase soulmates are at least suitable for each other, rather than tense, and can handle many problems, which is the basis for getting along. If the Sun of one person and the Moon of the other person are in severe opposition, it means either a sadistic love affair or a bad relationship.

moon phase test results

Positive aspects of Venus and Mars

After emphasizing the importance of the moon, the importance of Venus and Mars must also be emphasized to everyone. Because only when souls and desires are combined can they be considered soul mates. After all, only spiritual love is not passionate enough for us humans. Moon phase soulmate must have physical blending and spiritual resonance to be true love.

moon phase test results

This kind of love will unify the body and mind, and will also make the relationship go further. The positive aspect between Venus and Mars emphasizes the combination of emotions and desires. Positive interactions will make both parties feel happier.

Positive interactions between rising signs

The last thing that needs to be mentioned is the rising sign. Even though the rising sign seems to have nothing to do with relationships, it is actually quite important. Because this is how we show ourselves to the outside world, and it is also how we show ourselves subconsciously. This mask is very important. Therefore, it is best if the rising sign and the moon and the sun have benign aspects. It shows that the expression between two people is smooth, they can understand each other, and their values are unified.

Moon phase soulmate

The above is the analysis of all moon phase soulmate. If you want to know more about other moon phases, you can pay attention to the first two issues~But love is free, it does not rely on anything, it just relies on two hearts that are close to each other. Whether it’s moon phase soulmate or zodiac sign, it’s just for reference. Have hope in your heart, love must be close!

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