How to confirm if your loved one is your moon phase soulmate

moon phase soulmate

Do you believe that the love between two people is determined from birth?

If the lunar images of two people at birth can be combined to form a perfect whole, i.e. if they are destined to be together. Then they’re moon phase soulmates.

The test to determine if you and your loved one are moon phase soulmates is very simple. All you need to know is your birthday, your lover’s birthday, and the phase of the moon on the day both of you were born. If the moon phases of both of you combine to form a perfect full moon, then you are moon phase soulmates.

moon phases soulmates

So, how many moon phases are there?

There are eight moon phases: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waxing gibbous, last quarter, and waxing crescent. each moon type resonates with different energies, emotional qualities, and special talents. gifts.


New Moon

This is the first phase of the Moon where the Moon and Sun align in exactly the same position. People born under the New Moon are intuitive, spiritual and imaginative. They have the ability to create things and often become great leaders, a proactive person, driven by hopes and dreams, but can also be detached from reality. They may also tend to be emotional or subjective in their relationships.You can’t be too egotistical with your moon phase soulmate.

moon phase soulmate

Waxing crescent

If you are born under the cusp of the Sagittarius Moon, you are likely to be confident, determined and have a strong sense of yourself, assured of boldly pursuing what you want. People under the Sagittarius Moon are pioneers and natural leaders, especially mission-driven and action-orientated, happy to break the rules and inject fresh energy into the existing. However, in relationships, must learn to listen to moon phase soulmate while expressing one’s personality freely.

First quarter

The third moon phase looks like a half moon, representing persistence and motivation. But half of you will be moving forward and the other half backward. Because of your personalities, you will feel motivated if things are going well, but you will easily give up in the middle of your endeavours. Yet are very willing to share, and when you have something to gain, you decide to share it with them. This is a very good advantage for finding a moon phase soulmate.

first quarter

Waxing gibbous

In the fourth phase, the Moon is between the Half Moon and the Full Moon. Those born in this phase are cheerful, compassionate and patient. Enjoy working with and learning from others, as well as sharing their knowledge. Enjoy the meeting of minds.

If you were born under this moon phase, you will also be determined and resilient. Nothing can really stop you as you have the ability to tackle any obstacle.

Full moon

When you are born under a full moon, your sun sign and moon sign are opposite and your thoughts often go against what your heart really wants. You are most likely to be an extreme romantic and will be confident and maintain a sense of strength and charisma, trying to balance your heart and mind.

full moon

People born on a full moon tend to feel things deeply, but are easily swayed by their own emotions and those of others.

Rocky says that people born on the Ascending Moon tend to be “outgoing and sociable, but like to explore deeply and experience things that expand the mind”.


Waning gibbous

In the sixth aspect, the Moon begins to lose its brightness, and those born in the waning gibbous may be particularly inclined to live in the moment. They are very good at reassessing where they are and making timely adjustments to themselves and their surroundings to make life better.

waning gibbous
Outgoing and sociable, but with a penchant for deeper exploration and the ability to expand their minds, appreciative and benevolent, with a tendency to help others and share their wisdom with those in need.


Last quarter

The seventh phase occurs one week after the Full Moon and is a checkpoint for releasing what still needs to be released. People born in this phase are problem solvers, often reflecting on the past, learning lessons and progressing. Very organised and known for being ambitious.

Waning crescent

People born in waning crescent are thoughtful, introverted and psychic. Possibly the most withdrawn of all the moon phases and often in need of alone time.

If feeling overwhelmed by what you are feeling, remember to take your time. Always follow your intuition and always do what is best for you.

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In fact, knowing your moon phase is a way to help you better understand yourself and perceive the world, and knowing your partner’s or moon phase soulmate can help you determine how well you’re getting along. But there’s a lot more to making a partnership work than just making sure the moon phases are aligned. It is also not a guarantee of true love.

I know of one way that may help you confirm whether he is a moon phase soulmate or not.
Firstly, close your eyes and visualise a clip of the two of you spending time together, then open your eyes.
Do you, now, want to see him?

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